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MonstroCity 1.02

MonstroCity 1.02

MonstroCity Publisher's Description

You have only 300 seconds to cover this crazy distance from the start to the finish line. You will find two intermediate places to have a short break and rest your fingers on this long way to the finish. And many other crazy cars will drive this way side by side with you.
Keep distance and watch out for every crash will take your score points off and damage your car. Keep your eyes open and do not miss bonuses. The red ones will power up your engine and charge your NITROS with additional seconds of super-power. The blue ones will decrease your power and keep your NITROS unchanged.
At first, you will have to drive along a highway. This is a peace of cake ;-) even for novices. Next, there will be a sand road. That is a little bit harder - wheel gets lazier, recovery after crashes takes a longer time. And at last, there will be an icy road, the one for really tough drivers. There you will dance the real rock-''n''-roll !!! 8-)

POWER & NITROS UP POWER DOWN MAGIC HORN: all cars move away. STAR JUMP: second of incredible speed (see screenshots). CAR REPAIR: repair 50% of car damage.
Race layout is the following:
NOVICES - highways only
DRIVERS - highways and sands
PILOTS - highways, sands and ice.

To discover new cars and get new levels, you will need to win a challenge.
Once you start a challenge, you will have to pass the highway, sands, and ice on each car in a row. Driving one car, you will have to reach a save point, from where you will be allowed to continue the next challenge next time. But starting a new challenge will overwrite the previous one.

Race controls
To turn your car to the left or right, use joystick keys.
To activate NITROS power, press key A.
To pause the game, press key C.
To to pause and minimize, press key D.
To change default keys, use Options/Controls tab.
Additionally, you can use joystick keys to navigate in pre-race screens:

Single-race car selection controls
Left - race with this car
Right - back to menu
Down - previous car
Up - next car

Music by Jaakko "Reed" Kaitaniemi.
Design by Digital Light Studio.

New in v1.0.2:
- Stylus support for car control

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